Christopher Jay Manders

Artist, Jeweler, Metalsmith and Writer


Christopher is an artist, jeweler, metalsmith, author, entrepeneur and life adventurer. Christopher's artistic expression includes an eclectic mix of crafts, ranging from the creation of jewelry, musical instruments, bladesmithing, metalwork, weaving, carving and woodwork, to writing, cooking, lapidary, clay and pottery, combining ancient, medieval and modern methods together in the creation of unique items. Starting at an early age Christopher was surrounded by music and art, mainly through his parent's unique and eclectic tastes, influences, and their own artistic expressions.

From the home-made metalworking forge in the backyard of the house in which Christopher grew up, to his living briefly on the Navajo Indian Reservation where he learned about fine silversmithing, metallurgy and gemology, Christopher has been consciously and subconsiously developing and expanding his range of powerful, unique expressions since early in life. Christopher likes learning languages and started many, many years ago with Latin and Navajo. Since that time, some of those language interests have faded while others have been acquired and used more regularly.

Christopher's numerous stays in Nepal influenced him and led to the creation of his Nepali grammar, which is intended to fill the gaps with other pedagogical learning materials for the language. The product of 18 years of effort, it is a useful book to use alongside other learning materials for both Nepali and English speakers.


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