Christopher Jay Manders

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Open-Source Projects Authored:
Browatcher. A daemon that efficiently manages the Bro intrusion detection (IDS) environment; written in C.
BPClientd. An extension daemon for Symantec NetBackUp (NBU) servers; written in C.
BroLog2MySQLdb. A tool to quickly import Bro IDS logs into a relational MySQL database; written in C.
BroScanReporter. A tool that reports scan offenders found in Bro IDS logs and track them; written in Perl.
Dspam-trainer. A tool to train Dspam with MBOX-style mail folders; written in C.

“Bro Basics” intrusion detection chapter, featured in The Tao of Network Security Monitoring by Richard Bejtlich, 2005. ISBN: 9780321246776.
A Foundation in Nepali Grammar. 2007. ISBN: 1434316009.
Grammatical Notes on the Newar Language. 2011. ISBN: 9780557674251.
Cuisines of the Himalayas: The Newars of Kathmandu. 2015 (Target Release Daste). ISBN: 781105214417
Et cetera:
Improv-style music recordings: CCS Trio Facebook and ReverbNation page using banjo, guitar, ukelele, and mandolin.

Metalsmithing in silver, gold, brass, and copper: MandersWorks and its Facebook. My interest is in ancient methods, in relation to knifemaking, forging, casting, welding, piercing, forming, stamping, fine woodwork, and other objects in metal, as well as in clay, glass and wax.